2020 Legislative Priorities

Comprehensive Transportation Funding

Minnesotans want safer roads and bridges, and more transit options. Since 2008, state leaders have failed to get the job done. Last year, Governor Walz and House Democrats endorsed a sustainable, comprehensive, long-term and dedicated transportation funding package. It's time for the Senate to bring forward their proposal to meet the need.

Invest in Local Communities

The Legislature should pass a bonding bill that supports economic development in every part of the state and prioritizes the creation of high-quality jobs. Local communities and public institutions have identified more than $5 billion in needed improvements throughout the state. When we fail to adequately invest, communities are held back. 

Safe Water, Clean Environment

Across Greater Minnesota, too many communities struggle to provide clean drinking water and maintain aging sewer systems. The Legislature should increase dedicated funding and prioritize investments in critical water infrastructure.

A Prosperous Clean Energy Future

Minnesota's energy sector has provided affordable, reliable service and family-supporting jobs to generations of Minnesotans, and played a key role in the state's success. We can build on that legacy to make Minnesota a clean energy leader, but only if we tackle problems like transmission congestion while giving regulators and utilities the tools they need to keep service reliable, rates low, and jobs here at home. The Legislature should pass bipartisan legislation puts the state on a path to reduce carbon emissions, protects jobs and helps us build a clean energy economy that benefits all Minnesotans.

Responsible Solutions to the Housing Crisis

Minnesota is facing both a shortage of affordable housing and a wage theft epidemic in the residential construction industry. As our leaders focus on expanding supply, we need to make sure that construction workers are paid and treated fairly. The Legislature should require payment of prevailing wages and use of responsible contractors on all state-supported housing projects. 

Protecting Workers and Public Investments

Strong labor and performance standards protect workers from exploitation and taxpayers from footing the bill for substandard construction and project delays. The Legislature should extend prevailing wage requirements and support stronger enforcement of contractor responsibility requirements on all publicly-funded construction projects.