Line 3 Replacement Project

Thousands of our friends and neighbors across Minnesota are using their construction skills to protect our environment and communities by replacing an existing deteriorating pipeline.

Why Minnesota needs Line 3

Line 3 has been, and continues to be, an essential component of Enbridge’s pipeline transportation network to deliver the crude oil needed by refiners, and used by residents. The replacement of Line 3 will ensure that Enbridge can transport the crude oil required by refiners in Minnesota, neighboring states, Eastern Canada and the Gulf Coast. As with the existing Line 3, the Project will be operationally integrated as part of the Enbridge Mainline System and will continue to transport crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin.

Project benefits:

Jobs: About 8,600 jobs (6,500 of them local) in Minnesota over a two-year period, including 4,200 union construction jobs, half of which are expected to be filled locally.

Economic activity: A $2 billion boost to the Minnesota economy during design and construction, with $1.5 billion of that in Enbridge spending alone.

Economic impact: About $334 million in payroll to workers (about 50% of that to local workers), and a $162-million construction-related gain for local economies, as a result of non-local workers in Minnesota, through purchase of local products/materials and use of local hotels, restaurants and services.

Long-term property taxes: Increase property tax revenue in each county crossed by the Project. Enbridge pays more than $30 million in Minnesota property taxes annually; this will increase incrementally by more than $35 million beginning the first full year of service.

Support for Minnesota refineries: The Line 3 Replacement Project will reduce apportionment, and continue reliable crude oil delivery; and provide energy savings on a per-barrel basis.

(Source: Enbridge)

Interested in working as a Laborer?

 Contact your local Laborers LIUNA Hall for more employment information on the  Line 3 Replacement Project

 Local 405 (Rochester & Southeast MN)

 Local 563 (MSP Metro, Mankato & Saint Cloud Areas & ND)

 Local 1091 (Duluth-Superior, Northeast MN & Northwest WI)
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 Local 1097 (Iron Range & Northern MN)

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