United to create living wage jobs while rebuilding our communities and the economy to benefit all our neighbors and friends.

History and Structure

Chartered in 1968 by the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA), LIUNA Minnesota & North Dakota, a.k.a. Laborers District Council, is based in Saint Paul and led by President & Business Manager Joel Smith.

The District Council is responsible for:

  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements for affiliated Local Unions
  • Fostering harmony and united action between affiliated Local Unions
  • Coordinating and supporting the programs of Local Unions
  • Promoting unity of action in dealing with employers
  • Organizing the unorganized

The Laborers’ District Council is based in Saint Paul and serves the members, families and retirees of five Local Unions: Local 563 (Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metro, Mankato & Saint Cloud Areas & North Dakota); Local 405 (Rochester & Southeast Minnesota); Local 1091 (Duluth-Superior, Northeast Minnesota & Northwest Wisconsin); Local 1097 (Iron Range & Northern Minnesota); and Local 363 (City & County Employees Union of Minneapolis-Saint Paul & Greater Minnesota).

By the numbers

skilled construction LIUNA members represented
total signatory Union Contractor employers
privately funded training hours in 2018 accumulated
participants in our health and welfare plan covered
million dollars into Minnesota’s economy annually


International Union & Great Lakes Region

The International Union, based in Washington, D.C. and led by General President Terry O’Sullivan, represents more than 500,000 LIUNA members from 400 Local unions, 44 District Councils and nine Regional Offices across the United States, and one Canadian Sub-Regional Office. LIUNA Minnesota & North Dakota is served by LIUNA’s Great Lakes Regional Office, led by General Vice President Terry Healy.

Some of the International’s responsibilities are:

  • Collective bargaining with national contractors
  • Representation of all Laborers in the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), the Building & Construction Trades Department, the Heavy Highway Coalition, and throughout the Labor Movement
  • Representatation of membership on Capitol Hill
  • Overseeing and supporting organizing programs carried on at both local and regional levels
  • Working with LIUNA’s Tri-Funds (Training and Education, Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust, and Health and Safety) to see that Laborers receive the best in training, the most vigilant protection of members’ health and safety, and the most aggressive pursuit of additional employment opportunities.


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