LIUNA Minnesota Reaffirms Support to Raise Taxes on Richest One Percent

Feb 26 2021

Saint Paul, MN – Today, Joel Smith, President and Business Manager of LIUNA Minnesota and North Dakota repeated the union’s support of raising needed revenue following the Minnesota Office of Management and Budget’s projection of a $1.6 billion surplus. 

“Our members want the richest one percent to pay their fair share in taxes, regardless of a forecasted positive budget balance or not.

“Our lawmakers have a responsibility to balance the budget and meet the needs of working people, especially across Greater Minnesota and in BIPOC communities who have sacrificed the most to get us through this.

“Minnesota’s crumbling and inadequate infrastructure has long-held communities back. We need new revenue to make our roads, bridges, transit, housing and water infrastructure safe by investing in local communities and creating living wage jobs to put Minnesotans back to work and stimulate local economies.”