Minnesota Infrastructure Union: Thank You, Angie Craig, Dean Phillips and Betty McCollum

Nov 6 2021

Along with All U.S. Reps Who Delivered Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and Hundreds of Thousands of Good Union Jobs

Saint Paul, MN — Yesterday, after months of negotiations, the U.S. House voted to approve the Bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs bill. More than 3,000 LIUNA Minnesota and North Dakota members and family members sent messages to their representatives urging them to pass the bill. The House’s approval of the infrastructure jobs bill will lead to the creation of hundreds of thousands of family-sustaining jobs across the country, which will help LIUNA members improve their livelihoods while rebuilding our communities and economy.

Joel Smith, President and Business Manager said, “A bipartisan group of 215 Democrats and 13 Republican U.S. representatives fulfilled their duty to deliver a historic victory for every American and the working men and women of LIUNA Minnesota and North Dakota today.

“We are grateful to U.S. Representatives Angie Craig, Dean Phillips and Betty McCollum for getting the job done, making our infrastructure safer and creating family-supporting jobs for our members.

“We are disappointed in U.S. Representatives Jim Hagedorn, Ilhan Omar, Tom Emmer, Michelle Fischbach, Pete Stauber and Kelly Armstrong, who all voted against tens of thousands of jobs for Laborers and better infrastructure for all Minnesotans and North Dakotans.”

The House’s final vote sends the bill to President Joe Biden for his signature. Learn how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will benefit Minnesota and North Dakota.