Proud Member Profile: Glenn Ordean Berg LIUNA Local 405

Nov 28 2018

“You’re always putting your best foot forward, that’s the main thing”

Retired now, Glenn knows how to put miles on his Harley. Traveling the country from coast to coast and border to border, he’s put more than 72,000 miles on his current bike. Glenn’s last trip just covered more than 2,900 miles. When not touring the country, life is about his grandkids and taking care of his three gardens.

Glenn served in the Army and spent four years working for Rochester Silo.  His next opportunity came in 1992, when he went to work for Kaiser Construction and joined the Laborers Union.  Twenty-six years later he’s still proud to be an active Local 405 member. Glenn started out building curbs and gutters and he ended up working for just about every construction company in the Rochester area. 

In 1996, the opportunity to work for Mayo led Glenn to drive trucks and manage the flow of construction materials that keep Mayo running. From ceiling tiles and toilets, to motors and generators, “anything you’d see in a hospital room other than medicine, we managed.”

Summarizing his career, Glenn said, “I’ve just been fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.”

Besides work, when Tom Stokes retired as Local 405’s President, Glenn stepped up. Being a part of the LIUNA, Glenn’s most proud of how Local 405 has focused on taking care of its members.  “Laborers had a vision, and were smart enough to put money into the pension.”  It’s about giving people the security to retire.

Six years ago, at 62, Glenn retired. 

Glenn's advice to the next generation of Laborers, “You don’t have to spent a bazillion dollars on college, but you have to put your best foot forward, you can’t be lackadaisical, you come to work and do your job.  At the end of a job, as long as you’re always putting your best foot forward, that’s the main thing. You just have to give it your all and it’s going to pay off.”